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You're not a kid anymore, so people expect more of you — even when it comes to riding in a car. The challenge is knowing exactly what those expectations are.

That's why it makes sense, as you get more independence, to set some clear ground rules with your parents. You should know what they expect; they should know what you want. That's what this exercise is about: Building trust with a Countdown2Drive (C2D) Passenger Agreement. It will be your guide for riding with other people until you are ready to start driving other people around yourself.

Complete the five questions that follow and we will create a draft C2D Passenger Agreement that you can work on with your parent. This is a great way to earn your parent’s trust and respect — and you will need a lot of both as you start wanting to do more and more things on your own. (It also can be a chance to earn some cool rewards.)

To create the Passenger Agreement, you and your parent will log in separately and answer a few questions. Our webtool will create a document that combines your answers and points out things the two of you may want to discuss.

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We won't use your name and email for anything besides sending your part of the Passenger Agreement to your parent.

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